Project Take Off!

Thank you to Mike Keegan for all of the design work!

Thank you to Mike Keegan for all of the design work!

I had enough motivation in my heart to want to accomplish this for the residents, but I also have enough rational to know that I couldn’t do this alone. One of the greatest joys us athletes receive from training for something like Ironman are the incredible friendships that are formed with each other through the journey. I have been so fortunate to get to know some really amazing and genuine people, and I knew that I could probably round up others to help with this project. I simply posted on Facebook the idea of baking cookies for all the Ironman Wisconsin bike loop residents asking if anyone else would want in. The response was so positive that I knew I had to make this happen.

First things first – I needed to find out how many houses lived on the Ironman bike loop. I started at Verona Fireman’s park, just as I usually do with my bike, but this time I was in my Jeep. I went road by road, street by street, and counted all the houses that have a driveway and/or green fire department address post. I counted 357 houses. Three hundred and fifty seven. That’s a whole lot of cookies…

I worked with a friend to create the logo and a flyer to help spread the word. I came up with a Project Brief to outline the game plan and to pass along to our supporting businesses so they knew this mighty task was in good hands. I’m so thankful to Endurance House Madison and Endurance House Middleton. After speaking with Justin, Brandon, Kyle, and Jamie about my idea – I knew I could accomplish this with their support.

All the organizing was coming together nicely. Now, we just needed some cookies.


One thought on “Project Take Off!

  1. Suzy says:

    Great idea! Had I known about it earlier, I would have helped back the cookies. As a triathlete I thank you! As a resident on Timber Lane, I thank you for the cc cookies. Would love to hear what the reaction was from the rest of the recipients!

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