Wisco Love heads to New York!

A little love goes a long way! 
What started out as a girl who just likes to ride her bike & wanted to say thanks to the people who live in the houses she rides past, has turned into a full-on good-will mission that has now stretched out beyond the midwest and into Lake Placid, New York!

Mid-July, I received a Facebook message from Dave Deschenes.  Dave is the Executive Director of the Ironman Foundation (ironmanfoundation.org) and he saw the thread about The Cookie Project on the Ironman Wisconsin Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/169327666480915/).  He personally reached out to me to say thank you for The Cookie Project.  I was incredibly honored.  That someone at that high of level would thank ME.  I was almost a bit starstruck and had to hold back from unloading my gushing appreciation for everything that the Ironman journey has done for me and how becoming a part of this community has forever changed my life, but I kept it together enough to talk with him about the project.  Then, things got even COOLER.  He mentioned to me that he was interested in recreating The Cookie Project for the upcoming Ironman Lake Placid, out in Lake Placid, New York.  I was floored and my heart was beaming with happiness.  I immediately agreed to sharing my idea and offered my assistance to make this happen for IMLP.


Over the next few weeks, I sent Dave everything I had on The Cookie Project.  Logo, project brief, flyer, label, supply list, you name it.  I knew The Cookie Project 2.0 was in good hands thanks to the Ironman Foundation Newton Ambassador Team http://www.ironmanfoundation.org/site/c.8qKLJUMuFdLYG/b.8555127/k.ED1A/Ambassador_Tri_Team.htm  This team’s sole purpose is to spread goodwill through endurance racing – something that I completely agree with!  Dave and his team quickly put together a game plan, one that was even bigger & better than the original cookie project.  This team was gearing up to deliver cookies to over 600 homes, on the Ironman Lake Placid bike course AND run course!  With the help of a local baker (bless her soul!), The Cookie Project 2.0 wrapped up over 4,000 cookies.  ImageImage

Thankfully, the East-coaster’s hearts melted with the cookies just as much as the Wisconsin residents.  An email came in from a business resident on the course, and speaks volumes how a little act of kindness can totally turn around someone’s opinion:

Subject: Ironman Lake Placid – Cookie Crew

I just wanted to write a note of thanks to your organization and the two young ladies that dropped off a bag of cookies to my office this afternoon.

Both my home and office are located on Cascade Rd. in Lake Placid which is directly on the Ironman run and bike route. As a local I listen to annual griping from motorists complaining about the increased amount of bicyclists and runners that share our roadways. I admit, I too have occasionally felt put out, but always argue the majority of the competitors are considerate people.

The simple act of baking cookies for local residents along the race route means to the world to me. I am truly humbled by your thoughtfulness and kindness. I promise to share this experience with every fellow ”Adirondacker” I hear complaining about our Ironman guests.

Please invite any of your competitors friends and families who are part of a cheering section to please stop by my office on race day. I set up a tent in my parking lot with music, karaoke, beverages (adult and child), and snacks. I’d be honored to meet anyone that is part of your organization.

Respectfully yours,

Mike Foote, Agent

HOW COOL IS THAT, RIGHT?!? There was also some local press that came through:



The simple act of a sincere thank you really does go a long way.  My sincerest thanks to Dave, the Ironman Foundation Newton Ambassador team, and all who helped expand this.  Dave & I will be meeting up at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii this fall.  More Cookie Projects?  Maybe.  But one thing for sure is that Ironman Wisconsin bike course residents can expect to feel the love again next year, and that’s pretty sweet.



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