C is for COOKIE! C is for COLORADO!

Exciting News! The Cookie Project Inc will be heading out to Boulder, CO in June 2014!

c is for cookie

We are always looking for communities that could use some extra cycling sweetness, and Boulder, CO is a perfect fit.  Boulder is home to several running, triathlon, and cycling races all throughout the year, including the new Ironman Boulder 140.6 , Ironman Boulder 70.3,  and more.

One of our goals for 2014 is to expand The Cookie Project Inc’s reach to generate momentum & raise funds to accomplish Cookie Projects in additional communities.  Boulder, Colorado was selected as a Cookie Project location because we know there is a large population of individuals that a Cookie Project could benefit and in return gain a large population of supporters – bakers, volunteers, donations.

We’re just getting started in the planning, but first things first – DOUGH!  Help us make The Cookie Project – Boulder a reality!  Our estimated cost is $2500, here’s why:

Materials – $750: Paper Bags, Labels, Ziploc bags

Equipment – $500: Totes, Vehicles, Gas

Marketing – $500: Posters & flyers

Travel – $500: 1 trip to CO for recon, 1 trip for delivery. all personal travel expenses covered by me.

Back Up Baker – $250: extra funds to purchase cookies if needed.

To complete Ironman Wisconsin, I personally funded the bags, labels, printing of the labels, totes, and marketing materials (flyers).  I wish I had the resources to do that all personally again, but if The Cookie Project Inc is going to grow, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Click here to DOUGHnate:



Thank you for joining the #lovearmy!

colorado cookie



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