You’re probably reading this blog because you found a little paper bag of goodies at your door.  Those cookies inside that goody bag are for you.  You, the resident that lives along the Ironman Wisconsin bike course.  The resident that has to deal with cyclists buzzing by your home from the day the snow melts until the leaves are gone on the trees.  All season long you put up with slowing down, moving over, and safely passing cyclists that you see.  Well, we wanted to say thank you.

ImageThe Cookie Project Inc. began in 2013 after I was the recipient of a nice gesture from a driver.  A driver slowed down & patiently waited for me to climb a hill, and then safely passed at the top.  I waved in appreciation, but I wanted to personally say thank you.  I then started thinking about ALL OF YOU that deal with cyclists every day.  I wanted to tell you that we, cyclists & triathletes, acknowledge that we can have an impact on the normal traffic patterns.  We acknowledge that we need to ride responsibly & follow the rules of the road as we are passing through your neighborhood.  And we wanted to say thank you for driving safely around us with a sincere (and sweet!) act of kindness.

You can see what we’re really all about here: The Cookie Project Inc

You can see a video from Cookie Project Ironman Wisconsin 2013 here

You can read today’s story in the Wisconsin State Journal here

Over 75 cyclists and triathletes home made these cookies for you.  There are 557 homes on the Ironman Wisconsin course, that’s 3,342 cookies.  We all came together to bake cookies, pledge to ride responsibly, and to say THANK YOU.  These cyclists & triathletes are not only bakers, but also mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, community leaders, armed forces personnel, and your neighbors.  Thank you for keeping us safe out on the roads while we strive to live an active lifestyle, bettering ourselves and our community.

We hope that you love your cookies.  We love riding our bikes, and we love our neighbors.  From the cycling and triathlon community – THANK YOU.

Please understand that these were homemade.  We ask that if you have any food allergies to please use your discretion and caution regarding consumption.


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