Keep The Ovens Hot – Tri Play Day 2015

So, believe it or not, it takes some money to accomplish a Cookie Project for any course.  For a quick example, we’ll use the expenses from Ironman Wisconsin Cookie Project.

Bags purchased from U-Line (qty 750):  $199.53
Labels ordered from U-Printing (qty 500):   $146.15
Graphic Design:  $60.00 (2 hours at $30.00/hr)
Totes:  $40.00 (plastic cookie drop bins)
Fuel: $40.00 (house counting, delivery, approximately 6+ hours of driving)

Just the materials for the weekend come up to be $485 and some change.  That doesn’t include website server & content management ($149) , or website domains ($95.51).  It also of course doesn’t include the hours spent designing, organizing, promoting, and coordinating all the effort that goes into a cookie project (PRICELESS!).

So, as you can see, a cookie project is more than just cookies.  After personally funding the first Ironman Wisconsin Cookie Project, it was time to call upon the community.  For 2014, The Cookie Project, Inc. hosted it’s very first fundraiser – Tri Play Day.  You can check out a video from the first #triplayday here:

To keep the ovens hot, we’re trying to raise $500.00 for materials for Ironman Wisconsin Cookie Project by hosting another Tri Play Day on Saturday, March 28.  The day is jam packed with workouts for any multi-sport athlete.  $45 gets you access to the whole day, or drop in for any of the sessions for just $15.  Details can be found on our website: or listed below:

RESERVE YOUR SPOT VIA EMAIL.  Send us a quick email with name & sessions you’d like to attend (full day write ‘full day’) and we’ll put you down.  Email:


7:30 – 7:55AM
Registration & Check-In.  Please bring payment, cash or check preferred.  We take credit cards too!

8:00 – 9:00AM
Swim coached by Justin Pernitz of Endurance House Middleton
30 minutes drill & technique, 30 min workout
Middleton Cross Plains High School Pool
2230 Bristol Street, Middleton, WI

9:30 – 10:30AM
Run coached by Adam Olson of Pat’s Gym
4-7 miles Pheasant Branch Conservancy Path
Leaving from Middleton Cross Plains High School Pool parking lot
2230 Bristol Street, Middleton, WI
*note: if you don’t want to run full hour, totally ok! Head on over to brunch 🙂

10:30 – 11:45AM
Pancake Cafe
6220 Nesbitt Road, Fitchburg, WI

Functional Strength for the Multisport Athlete by Jared Markiewicz & Ben Cagle
Functional Integrated Training
5380 King James Way, Fitchburg, WI

1:30 – 2:30PM
Bike coached by Petra Gehring of Speed Cycling
60 minute, interval workout
Speed Cycling
2906 Marketplace Drive, Fitchburg, WI

2:30 – 3:00
Massages by Peak Performance Massage
Yoga for Athletes by Petra Gehring
Speed Cycling
2906 Marketplace Drive, Fitchburg, WI

Check out this cool movie trailer I made to help get you totally pumped up!


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