Keep The Ovens Hot – Tri Play Day 2015

So, believe it or not, it takes some money to accomplish a Cookie Project for any course.  For a quick example, we’ll use the expenses from Ironman Wisconsin Cookie Project.

Bags purchased from U-Line (qty 750):  $199.53
Labels ordered from U-Printing (qty 500):   $146.15
Graphic Design:  $60.00 (2 hours at $30.00/hr)
Totes:  $40.00 (plastic cookie drop bins)
Fuel: $40.00 (house counting, delivery, approximately 6+ hours of driving)

Just the materials for the weekend come up to be $485 and some change.  That doesn’t include website server & content management ($149) , or website domains ($95.51).  It also of course doesn’t include the hours spent designing, organizing, promoting, and coordinating all the effort that goes into a cookie project (PRICELESS!).

So, as you can see, a cookie project is more than just cookies.  After personally funding the first Ironman Wisconsin Cookie Project, it was time to call upon the community.  For 2014, The Cookie Project, Inc. hosted it’s very first fundraiser – Tri Play Day.  You can check out a video from the first #triplayday here:

To keep the ovens hot, we’re trying to raise $500.00 for materials for Ironman Wisconsin Cookie Project by hosting another Tri Play Day on Saturday, March 28.  The day is jam packed with workouts for any multi-sport athlete.  $45 gets you access to the whole day, or drop in for any of the sessions for just $15.  Details can be found on our website: or listed below:

RESERVE YOUR SPOT VIA EMAIL.  Send us a quick email with name & sessions you’d like to attend (full day write ‘full day’) and we’ll put you down.  Email:


7:30 – 7:55AM
Registration & Check-In.  Please bring payment, cash or check preferred.  We take credit cards too!

8:00 – 9:00AM
Swim coached by Justin Pernitz of Endurance House Middleton
30 minutes drill & technique, 30 min workout
Middleton Cross Plains High School Pool
2230 Bristol Street, Middleton, WI

9:30 – 10:30AM
Run coached by Adam Olson of Pat’s Gym
4-7 miles Pheasant Branch Conservancy Path
Leaving from Middleton Cross Plains High School Pool parking lot
2230 Bristol Street, Middleton, WI
*note: if you don’t want to run full hour, totally ok! Head on over to brunch 🙂

10:30 – 11:45AM
Pancake Cafe
6220 Nesbitt Road, Fitchburg, WI

Functional Strength for the Multisport Athlete by Jared Markiewicz & Ben Cagle
Functional Integrated Training
5380 King James Way, Fitchburg, WI

1:30 – 2:30PM
Bike coached by Petra Gehring of Speed Cycling
60 minute, interval workout
Speed Cycling
2906 Marketplace Drive, Fitchburg, WI

2:30 – 3:00
Massages by Peak Performance Massage
Yoga for Athletes by Petra Gehring
Speed Cycling
2906 Marketplace Drive, Fitchburg, WI

Check out this cool movie trailer I made to help get you totally pumped up!



You’re probably reading this blog because you found a little paper bag of goodies at your door.  Those cookies inside that goody bag are for you.  You, the resident that lives along the Ironman Wisconsin bike course.  The resident that has to deal with cyclists buzzing by your home from the day the snow melts until the leaves are gone on the trees.  All season long you put up with slowing down, moving over, and safely passing cyclists that you see.  Well, we wanted to say thank you.

ImageThe Cookie Project Inc. began in 2013 after I was the recipient of a nice gesture from a driver.  A driver slowed down & patiently waited for me to climb a hill, and then safely passed at the top.  I waved in appreciation, but I wanted to personally say thank you.  I then started thinking about ALL OF YOU that deal with cyclists every day.  I wanted to tell you that we, cyclists & triathletes, acknowledge that we can have an impact on the normal traffic patterns.  We acknowledge that we need to ride responsibly & follow the rules of the road as we are passing through your neighborhood.  And we wanted to say thank you for driving safely around us with a sincere (and sweet!) act of kindness.

You can see what we’re really all about here: The Cookie Project Inc

You can see a video from Cookie Project Ironman Wisconsin 2013 here

You can read today’s story in the Wisconsin State Journal here

Over 75 cyclists and triathletes home made these cookies for you.  There are 557 homes on the Ironman Wisconsin course, that’s 3,342 cookies.  We all came together to bake cookies, pledge to ride responsibly, and to say THANK YOU.  These cyclists & triathletes are not only bakers, but also mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, community leaders, armed forces personnel, and your neighbors.  Thank you for keeping us safe out on the roads while we strive to live an active lifestyle, bettering ourselves and our community.

We hope that you love your cookies.  We love riding our bikes, and we love our neighbors.  From the cycling and triathlon community – THANK YOU.

Please understand that these were homemade.  We ask that if you have any food allergies to please use your discretion and caution regarding consumption.



The best weekend of the year (in our cookbook, at least) is here.  Last year, we delivered 2,142 cookies to 357 homes on the Ironman Wisconsin bike loops (40+ miles stretching from Verona to Mt. Horeb to Cross Plains to Middleton to Verona).  This year, we’ll be expanding our efforts to include the ENTIRE Ironman bike course.  That’s a total of 557 homes.  3,342 cookies. 278.5 dozen. Or 257.08 baker’s dozen, however the cookie crumbles.

will bake for bikes

Several weeks of planning have come together for a massive triathlete & cycling community effort to say THANK YOU to the residents along the roads of the highest ridden cycling route in South Central Wisconsin.  The whole purpose of The Cookie Project, Inc  is a genuine, sweet act of kindness to drivers as a way to say thank you for watching out for cyclists on the road.  The Cookie Project, Inc also serves as a reminder to cyclists and triathletes that we must share the road responsibly.

We’ve had a lot of help over the last few days making sure that this Ironman Wisconsin Cookie Project would be a success.  We have over 75 bakers that contributed almost 600 bags of 1/2 dozen cookies, all in effort to keep one another safe on the roads.  Endurance House provided our paper delivery bags and served as the cookie drop locations for the 2nd year.  Endurance House is the home base for so many active people in our community – from helping people achieve their first 5k walk to conquering Ironman, Endurance House is HOME.  Our creative images have come alive thanks to Thyme & Honey .  All the key ingredients came together perfectly to make this the sweetest cookie project yet.




USA Cycling hops on our pegs to join the ride!

Last December, I did a speedy update on all the things The Cookie Project was cookin’ up.  You can find a summary here:

This past winter, we just got started with our marketing efforts and what better way to get the sweet word out there about The Cookie Project than with a bake sale?  December in Wisconsin isn’t too conducive to cycling events – however, there are those awesomely badass people known as Cyclocross racers that are so super human that they can have beards freeze to their face and their toes go numb in their cycling shoes that they don’t even notice so they still race.  When I grow up, I want to be a cyclocross racer, so its a good thing that Cyclocross racers like cookies.  I was able to talk about The Cookie Project and hand out some sweet treats while taking in our very first #doughnations into our Cookie Jar!

While at the Wisconsin State Cyclocross ( Championships, I met a great guy named Tom Schuler.  Tom is the Operations Director for USA Cycling National Championships, and turns out he’s a fan of cookies.  Tom gave me the encouragement to plan out and execute a Cookie Project on the USA Cycling Amateur National Championships Road Race Long Course ( ) for the residents in Blue Mounds, WI.  Blue Mounds is affectionately known as one of the toughest climbs in Southwestern Wisconsin, and I have trained many times out there.

We baked & provided cookies to 75+ residences on the course.  You can check out a video from the day here:

The Cookie Project – USA Cycling National Championships

It felt great to expand our efforts and gain support from a well networked group such as USA Cycling and Wisconsin Cycling Association.  I’m excited to partner with them in the future!


C is for COOKIE! C is for COLORADO!

Exciting News! The Cookie Project Inc will be heading out to Boulder, CO in June 2014!

c is for cookie

We are always looking for communities that could use some extra cycling sweetness, and Boulder, CO is a perfect fit.  Boulder is home to several running, triathlon, and cycling races all throughout the year, including the new Ironman Boulder 140.6 , Ironman Boulder 70.3,  and more.

One of our goals for 2014 is to expand The Cookie Project Inc’s reach to generate momentum & raise funds to accomplish Cookie Projects in additional communities.  Boulder, Colorado was selected as a Cookie Project location because we know there is a large population of individuals that a Cookie Project could benefit and in return gain a large population of supporters – bakers, volunteers, donations.

We’re just getting started in the planning, but first things first – DOUGH!  Help us make The Cookie Project – Boulder a reality!  Our estimated cost is $2500, here’s why:

Materials – $750: Paper Bags, Labels, Ziploc bags

Equipment – $500: Totes, Vehicles, Gas

Marketing – $500: Posters & flyers

Travel – $500: 1 trip to CO for recon, 1 trip for delivery. all personal travel expenses covered by me.

Back Up Baker – $250: extra funds to purchase cookies if needed.

To complete Ironman Wisconsin, I personally funded the bags, labels, printing of the labels, totes, and marketing materials (flyers).  I wish I had the resources to do that all personally again, but if The Cookie Project Inc is going to grow, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Click here to DOUGHnate:


Thank you for joining the #lovearmy!

colorado cookie



2013 on the Cooling Rack, 2014 Hot in the Oven

Hello to our baker biker love army! A LOT of ingredients have been mixing up lately, and I’m so excited to share the #bikelove into 2014. But first, here’s a recap of 5 *BIG* things from where we left off & we have LOTS to share to bring your cookies up to date. Grab a glass of milk, & let’s dig in.

1. The Cookie Project 2.0 = Success


The Cookie Project 2.0 in full swing! Happy residents on Ironman Lake Placid route

In follow up to our last post (, our chocolate chips melted hearts out in New York.  A great friend of mine, Nicole, raced at Ironman Lake Placid and as she was driving into town, she sent me this pic of one of the cookie bags hanging from a mailbox along the route.  Major cookie kudos to the Ironman Foundation Newton Ambassador team for making it happen out there.  This group does amazing things for our communities that we race in.  As an athlete I’m thankful for their support and the impact they have on our sport of triathlon.

2. The Cookie Project at Ironman Wisconsin


The Cookie Project is ready for Ironman Wisconsin 2013!

           September 8, 2013.  Finally the date was here.  A day that thousands of athletes trained long hours & waited for. This is by far the most exciting weekend in the Madison triathlete community world, and I couldn’t wait to get out there and show support for the athletes.  A week before the race, I got a call from my friend Dave, the Executive Director at the Ironman Foundation.  He was going to to be out at Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Vegas that weekend, and asked me (!!) to speak on behalf of the Ironman Foundation at the Ironman Wisconsin dinner the Friday night before the race.  HOLD THE MIXER.  WHAT.

Mike Reilly & I onstage at the IMWI Athlete Dinner

Mike Reilly & I onstage at the IMWI Athlete Dinner

Yes.  Publicly speak, on stage, to 3,000+ athletes & supporters, at the Monona Terrace Convention Center, the Friday night before the biggest race of their life.  Let that one soak in a little.

You can watch a video of the speech here:  (  It was so cool to meet the Ironman production events staff (wow, those guys run a swift operation) and Mike Reilly was so kind & sweet to me.

Race morning came and my friends & I were ready to take on the all-day endurance challenge also known as Ironman Spectating.  No joke – sunrise to midnight, zone 5 (tri talk for high intensity) cheering (most of us lost our voices by noon) and doing our best to give energy to each & every athlete out there competing.


Cheering my friend Laurie through the hills of Witte Rd on the bike course

In effort to calm anxious athletes, I was handing out little cookie bites to the athletes as they made their way down the Helix into the water before the start.  Little Irondudes cheering on family stopped by to have a couple cookie bites.

1256494_10100450954081601_364897470_n 1235489_10100450954096571_180520999_n

It was an awesome weekend to spend with friends and have the opportunity to share what The Cookie Project is all about – our Ironman family of athletes.


Our cheering section at IMWI!

3. The Cookie Project Experiences Ironman World Championship

Rinny & I

Rinny & I

In September 2012, I finished Ironman Wisconsin in 13hrs and 26 minutes and 53 seconds.  I crashed hard on the bike course at mile 56, right in the middle of the wonderful Verona Festival (the whole town comes out to cheer along a main stretch through center of town).  I managed to finish the 112 mile bike with lots of road rash and, at the time an unknown displaced shoulder, but by the time I got to the run I was in low spirits.

Dan & I at Kona

Dan & I at Kona

Right outside of T2 I bumped into my friend Dan Johnson.  Dan & I ran together 21 of the 26.2 marathon miles together, and we worked together to get him into 1st place for his age group.  That day he qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii for 2013.  Dan helped me finish Ironman Wisconsin so the least I could do was make the amazing trip out to Kona to cheer for him.

Thank you to the amazing folks at The Ironman Foundation for hooking me up with VIP passes for the week (SCORE!) and allowed access to the best viewing areas at the race.  As a race director by profession, it was an eye-opening behind the scenes look at how the best in the industry execute massive events.  Everything was top notch.

Finish Line Viewing

Finish Line Viewing

4. Time to get official – “Inc”
When I started this whole cookie thing, I had no idea it would catch so much momentum.  I just wanted to do something nice for the residents that drive nicely around me.  Turns out, something as simple as baking cookies has really caught attention from large organizations and I’ve been contacted by several groups to have a Cookie Project be done on additional cycling routes.  I couldn’t be more excited to share the #bikelove.  Because of the request to expand locations, it was time to become an official organization.  To properly do a Cookie Project, it takes materials & resources, all of which I paid for myself individually.  If I really wanted to get this going into additional areas, I would need help.  I did my due diligence and founded The Cookie Project Incorporated.  We now are an official organization and are working on becoming a non-profit organization.  Becoming a non-profit is a 30 page, $750, 3-12 month process, but we’re rolling.  The motivation to do all this work comes down to this: keep the people I care about safe out on the roads by reminding drivers to be cautious.

We’re hard at work getting a webpage created and facilitating online donations (now knows as DOUGHnations).  We’ll be sure to let you know when that’s up & running.

5. 2014 Hot in the Oven


So much is in the cookie jar for The Cookie Project Inc.  We’re working on merchandise, donation events, and planning out 2014.

We’ve got plans for multiple Ironman course locations and additional routes in Wisconsin.  Although all locations are still being determined, mark your calendars for May 23-26, 2014 for The Cookie Project on the Ironman Wisconsin bike course.   Be sure to keep up to date with us on Facebook ( and on Twitter @cookieprojectwi.

Thank you for all the support so far.  Sharing the roads is sweet.


Wisco Love heads to New York!

A little love goes a long way! 
What started out as a girl who just likes to ride her bike & wanted to say thanks to the people who live in the houses she rides past, has turned into a full-on good-will mission that has now stretched out beyond the midwest and into Lake Placid, New York!

Mid-July, I received a Facebook message from Dave Deschenes.  Dave is the Executive Director of the Ironman Foundation ( and he saw the thread about The Cookie Project on the Ironman Wisconsin Facebook page (  He personally reached out to me to say thank you for The Cookie Project.  I was incredibly honored.  That someone at that high of level would thank ME.  I was almost a bit starstruck and had to hold back from unloading my gushing appreciation for everything that the Ironman journey has done for me and how becoming a part of this community has forever changed my life, but I kept it together enough to talk with him about the project.  Then, things got even COOLER.  He mentioned to me that he was interested in recreating The Cookie Project for the upcoming Ironman Lake Placid, out in Lake Placid, New York.  I was floored and my heart was beaming with happiness.  I immediately agreed to sharing my idea and offered my assistance to make this happen for IMLP.


Over the next few weeks, I sent Dave everything I had on The Cookie Project.  Logo, project brief, flyer, label, supply list, you name it.  I knew The Cookie Project 2.0 was in good hands thanks to the Ironman Foundation Newton Ambassador Team  This team’s sole purpose is to spread goodwill through endurance racing – something that I completely agree with!  Dave and his team quickly put together a game plan, one that was even bigger & better than the original cookie project.  This team was gearing up to deliver cookies to over 600 homes, on the Ironman Lake Placid bike course AND run course!  With the help of a local baker (bless her soul!), The Cookie Project 2.0 wrapped up over 4,000 cookies.  ImageImage

Thankfully, the East-coaster’s hearts melted with the cookies just as much as the Wisconsin residents.  An email came in from a business resident on the course, and speaks volumes how a little act of kindness can totally turn around someone’s opinion:

Subject: Ironman Lake Placid – Cookie Crew

I just wanted to write a note of thanks to your organization and the two young ladies that dropped off a bag of cookies to my office this afternoon.

Both my home and office are located on Cascade Rd. in Lake Placid which is directly on the Ironman run and bike route. As a local I listen to annual griping from motorists complaining about the increased amount of bicyclists and runners that share our roadways. I admit, I too have occasionally felt put out, but always argue the majority of the competitors are considerate people.

The simple act of baking cookies for local residents along the race route means to the world to me. I am truly humbled by your thoughtfulness and kindness. I promise to share this experience with every fellow ”Adirondacker” I hear complaining about our Ironman guests.

Please invite any of your competitors friends and families who are part of a cheering section to please stop by my office on race day. I set up a tent in my parking lot with music, karaoke, beverages (adult and child), and snacks. I’d be honored to meet anyone that is part of your organization.

Respectfully yours,

Mike Foote, Agent

HOW COOL IS THAT, RIGHT?!? There was also some local press that came through:–cash-and-river-cleanup.html?nav=5008!cookieproject/c23hm

The simple act of a sincere thank you really does go a long way.  My sincerest thanks to Dave, the Ironman Foundation Newton Ambassador team, and all who helped expand this.  Dave & I will be meeting up at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii this fall.  More Cookie Projects?  Maybe.  But one thing for sure is that Ironman Wisconsin bike course residents can expect to feel the love again next year, and that’s pretty sweet.