USA Cycling hops on our pegs to join the ride!

Last December, I did a speedy update on all the things The Cookie Project was cookin’ up.  You can find a summary here:

This past winter, we just got started with our marketing efforts and what better way to get the sweet word out there about The Cookie Project than with a bake sale?  December in Wisconsin isn’t too conducive to cycling events – however, there are those awesomely badass people known as Cyclocross racers that are so super human that they can have beards freeze to their face and their toes go numb in their cycling shoes that they don’t even notice so they still race.  When I grow up, I want to be a cyclocross racer, so its a good thing that Cyclocross racers like cookies.  I was able to talk about The Cookie Project and hand out some sweet treats while taking in our very first #doughnations into our Cookie Jar!

While at the Wisconsin State Cyclocross ( Championships, I met a great guy named Tom Schuler.  Tom is the Operations Director for USA Cycling National Championships, and turns out he’s a fan of cookies.  Tom gave me the encouragement to plan out and execute a Cookie Project on the USA Cycling Amateur National Championships Road Race Long Course ( ) for the residents in Blue Mounds, WI.  Blue Mounds is affectionately known as one of the toughest climbs in Southwestern Wisconsin, and I have trained many times out there.

We baked & provided cookies to 75+ residences on the course.  You can check out a video from the day here:

The Cookie Project – USA Cycling National Championships

It felt great to expand our efforts and gain support from a well networked group such as USA Cycling and Wisconsin Cycling Association.  I’m excited to partner with them in the future!